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by CJ on August 24, 2014

AHOY FOLKS- This website is under construction. There is still content for you to peruse, so enjoy what’s up for now and be sure to check back again for new stuff.

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This map shows approximately where we are right now! Due to the length of the process of getting a new prosthetic leg (it took two months just to get the prescription), CJ and I have remained in Anoka, MN all summer. But I believe that we have spent our time here well. I have been working on editing my journal into a book that will undergo a final edit this month. I have helped raise Ole’s litter of kittens and found homes for all but one, which we decided to keep (so now we have two van cats).


We also painted the van, not just because it looks great, but to keep the van cooler, as well.


Cj and I spent a lot of time training for a Mississippi trip that didn’t quite work out this year due to missing our window of time, but we did acquire a sweet canoe, which we will be training in this fall and try the trip again next year.


We’ll be back on the road soon but I’ve gotten caught up dealing with an unjust ticket that I don’t want to pay for so I’m going to be here until the 8th to fight it (unless we come up with the money before then and just go). So until we blaze new trails, enjoy the pictures on the next few pages. Below are some of my favorites from this past year.


There’s a bunch of buffalo in South Dakota. Can you spot which ones are defecating?



Made some awesome friends in Colorado. Hope to see you guys again soon!



Driving though southern Utah, I was completely captivated by its geographic features.



This was as far out in the middle of nowhere as I think I have ever been. It looks like it was made over time by many travelers.



This is John’s bug and some of his gun collection which we were privileged to play with.


This is the view from our Slab City camp. That plume of smoke there is a trailer being burnt down.


Believe it or not, this is not a gorgeous picture of a snowy valley, this is actually a whole bunch of salt in in Utah’s salt flats. Neat!IMG_0989

that’s from seaside, Oregon


Painted in Joshua Tree


British Columbia

IMG_07922 Bellingham Washington

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