Van Go!

May 2, 2013

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This map shows where we are! Been in Slab City for awhile, even got to be in a documentary which you can read about in my journal entries. Spent some time in Yucca, headed off to chill in Colorado for a week or something. Very soon, we will be in Minnesota so I can get a new leg made. Once that happens, CJ and I will be taking a canoe down the 2,500 some mile stretch of the Mississippi River.DSCF2392

Driving though southern Utah, I was completely captivated by its geographic features.



This was as far out in the middle of nowhere as I think I have ever been. It looks like it was made over time by many travelers.



This is John’s bug and some of his gun collection which we were privileged to play with.


This is the view from our camp. That plume of smoke there is a trailer being burnt down.


The above picture is untouched and one of my favorites from my drive back to California. Believe it or not, this is not a gorgeous picture of a snowy valley, this is actually a whole bunch of salt in in Utah’s salt flats. Neat!IMG_0989

that’s from seaside, Oregon


Painted in Joshua Tree


British Columbia

IMG_07922 Bellingham Washington

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